Welcome to Phoenix Dermatology

Trusted experts in Specialist Dermatology, Surgery and Laser.

Personalised care delivered to you by our Specialist team; led by respected Dermatologist Dr Adam Sheridan and RN Melanie De Vincentis.

Laser treatments include vascular, pigment, Fractionated (ie Fraxel) and CO2. Light treatments include IPL, Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and deep tissue LED. Cosmetic services encompass tailored skin care, wrinkle reduction, soft tissue fillers, PRP and Radiofrequency.

Phoenix Dermatology delivers quality bespoke treatment in a caring environment; free from non-medical commercial pressures.

This unique approach has made Phoenix Dermatology one of Australia’s most popular Specialist Dermatology, Surgery and Laser practices; trusted by patients and doctors alike. We sincerely appreciate all your kind and loyal support.

To remain true to our ethics and quality, we must limit the number of patients under our care. We endeavor to accept most referrals from GPs, Specialists and existing Phoenix patients.

We trust that you will benefit from our singular focus upon quality of care.